Security of Supply

The Danish gas system is very resilient and provides a level of security of supply for the Danish and Swedish markets that is higher than ever.  

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Denmark's assessment of the risks affecting the security

Security of gas supply 2019

2019 report on Denmark's security of supply

Status in the Danish gas storage facilities

Storage levels in the Danish gas storage facilities

Denmark's security of supply model

Energinet is charged with safeguarding Denmark's gas supply during a supply crisis.

Denmark’s Security of Supply Model

Denmark's security of supply model includes three crisis levels and a number of marked-based measures which Energinet has at its disposal during a supply crisis.

Keeping the Gas Supply Safe

Denmark's security of supply model is based on the EU Regulation concerning measures to safeguard security of gas supply. The model provides a number of tools that Energinet may use in the event of a supply squeeze in the Danish gas system in order to maintain the security of supply for Denmark's gas consumers.

EU Regulation

The EU Regulation looks to protect the most vulnerable gas consumers. The Reuglation does this by strengthening EU's security of supply and that of the individual countries through cross-border cooperation and increased solidarity between member states. 

Regulation (EU) No. 994/2010

Crisis Levels

Denmark's security of supply model features three distinct levels:

Early Warning

Energinet has several security of supply tools at its disposal at every crisis level, designed to support the market's continued ability to meet consumer demand. 

When will Energinet declare an emergency?

Only the most critical events prompt a declaration of emergency from Energinet.
For example, serious breakdowns in technical installations, damage to a submarine cable, disruption of supply from Denmark’s gas storage facilities, production outage on the Tyra platform, or interruption of the gas flow from Germany could affect the gas system to such degree that it may be necessary for Energinet to declare an emergency.

Crisis assessment depends on time of year and circumstances

Energinet especially takes into account the time of year and the circumstances of the particular event in its crisis assessment.
A critical event during winter is often more serious than a disruption during the summer months because Denmark’s gas consumption is temperature-dependent.

Approved by the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority

The Danish Security of Supply model has been approved by the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority.
Any changes to the Security of Supply model that Energinet may wish to implement must be reported to and approved by the Danish Energy Regulatory Authority.

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