Energinet welcomes new shippers to the Danish gas market. At Energinet we know that transparency, open dialogue and cross-border exchange of ideas and insights are key elements to the success of our energy market and we want to share our future-forward thinking with you.

Energy across borders

We want to develop and take advantage of Denmark's geographical position as an energy hub between Scandinavia and Europe.

Shippers in the Danish gas market benefit from the flexibility and high-capacity infrastructure of the Danish energy system:

High security of supply supporting the ongoing green transition on the gas market:

  • Entry and exit market model
  • A growing and more inter-connected biomethane market
  • Close cooperation with Gas Storage Denmark and the European Energy Exchange
  • A greater market integration towards Sweden and Poland


  • intra-day restrictions
  • Daily cash-out to zero 

Many free of charge services:

  • Free registration to online booking system
  • Free use of the virtual points of Energinet’s market model

Influence the development of our market – including market rules:

  • Energinet hosts Shippers’ Forums multiple times a year
  • We invite the market participants to user groups to share experience and ideas for the gas market development in Denmark

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New Shipper

New shippers must be registered with Energinet. Learn more about the benefits of being a shipper in Denmark and how to register as a shipper.

New Shipper

Energinet Online

Self-service portal for registered shippers.


Energinet hosts a number of gas market forums.

Rules and Reports

The legal framework that governs your role in the Danish gas market

Tariffs and Fees

Energinet's price policy and rates