Open Season 2017

Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. have initiated an Open Season process for our Baltic Pipe project, which invites shippers to signal anticipated demand for capacity in the projected gas transmission pipeline that will connect Poland, Denmark and Norway.

Baltic Pipe Project

The Baltic Pipe Project is a major gas infrastructure project that aims at creating a new supply corridor for gas in the European gas market; The projected pipeline will enable shippers to flow gas directly from Norway to the markets in Denmark and Poland as well as neighbouring markets. Moreover, it will enable shippers to flow gas bidirectionally from Poland to the Danish and Swedish markets.  

Three Goals

The Baltic Pipe project achieves three important goals

• Integration of the Danish-Swedish and Polish gas markets through supply competition and bidirectional trading aimed at ensuring increased price convergence.

• A strengthening of the regional security of supply by providing access to Norwegian gas for the Danish-Swedish and Polish gas markets.

• Increase the load-factor of existing infrastructure in order to reduce tariffs to the benefit of all users of the infrastructure.


It is vital for the realisation of the Baltic Pipe project that there is sufficient market demand for the transport route envisioned by the participating nations. To that end, Energinet and GAZ-SYSTEM S.A. have initiated an Open Season process which invites shippers to submit "bids" for anticipated capacity reservations in the Baltic pipe.


The Open Season process makes it possible for the participating TSOs to collect long-term investment signals for the Baltic Pipe Project before final investment decision is taken. The Open Season process takes place in a transparent and non-discriminatory way in accordance with current EU regulation.