Edig@s XML Secure Communication

Energinet uses EDIG@S XML to exchange commercial information.

Contact us before testing or for support

We are here to assist you in testing your IT systems for EDIG@S XML compability or if you have any questions.


International communication standard - always secure, fast and transparent

Energinet Gas TSO uses EDIG@S XML, an international communication standard, to exchange commercial information with registered shippers.

For more detailed information about EDIG@S XML, please read our nomination guide for  EDIG@S XML 5.1.

Communication via AS2 and AS4

Please ask us for the AS2 or AS4 connection sheets and test production certificates.

If this is done by a third party the request should include an approval from the shipper in question.







A brief history of EdigAs

In 1996, a group of energy companies agreed on an international standard for commercial communication in the Energy sector. The Edig@s standard continues to evolve and helps ensure a safe and transparent market place.