New shipper? – Welcome to the Danish Gas Market

We look forward to sharing our future-forward thinking with you.

Transparent, flexible and secure

Shippers in the Danish gas market benefit from Denmark's secure and transparent market place and the flexibility of Energinet's high-capacity infrastructure.

When you speak we listen

Energinet is committed to foster a collaborative environment where transparency, open dialogue and exchange of ideas and insights are key elements to the success of our energy market.Each year we host a number of forums to help us stay informed about what is on your mind, right now. This approach means that as a Shipper in Denmark you exert a direct influence on the preparation of market rules and participate in shaping how the Danish gas market works.

Please follow these links to learn more about our forums and Energinet's commitment to transparency.

International Integration

One of the ways Energinet supports a healthy and competitive Danish gas market is by investing in the next level of integration with international markets.

Please follow this link to learn more about our current cross-border projects.

Competitive Features

Shipper in the Danish gas market  benefit from a number of competitive features, such as: 

Access to trade on the Danish gas exchange, European Energy Exchange.
o Currently 65 % of Danish gas consumption is traded on Gaspoint Nordic.
o Gaspoint Nordic is an unrestricted market place, open to all traders, which supports transparent supply and demand-driven pricing in Denmark.
Competitive tariffs and fees that reflect Energinet’s “break-even” policy.
Flexible and custom-made storage products at competitive prices offered by Energinet's Gas Storage Denmark A/S.
Flexible and marked-based end-of-day balancing.
o No intra-day restrictions.
o Daily cash-out to zero based on shippers end-of-day position (long, short or balanced).
Live update of the System Commercial Balance (SCB)
o Shippers are notified when market activity moves out of Energinet’s estimated system commercial balance ”Green Zone”.
Energinet’s Biomethane guarantees of origin, which are being developed for cross-border trade.
Many free of charge services:
o Free access to our self-service portal, Energinet Online
o Free registration to Energinet’s register of players
o Free use of the virtual points of Energinet’s market model: ETF, GTF and CTF.
Influence the development of our market, including market rules
o Energinet hosts a shippers’ Forum four times a year.
o We invite user groups to share experience and ideas.

Easy & Free Registration

New shippers must be registered in Energinet's Register of Players. The process is free of charge and takes approximately 1 month.

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Secure Communication

Energinet uses the international communication standard EDIG@S XML to exchange commercial information and we assist all of our new shippers in testing their IT systems for EDIG@S XML compatibility.

Shippers in Denmark

All shippers active in the Danish gas market must be registered with Energinet in our Register of Players, and a number of our shippers – but not all – choose to make their contact information publicly available.

New Shipper Registration

New shippers must be registrered in Energinet's Register of Players. The process is free of charge and takes approximately one month.
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Free Registration

New shippers must be registered in Energinet's Register of Players. The process is free of charge and takes approx. 1 month to complete.