Trading Platforms

Shippers in the Danish gas market have access to several regional and European trading platforms.

Capacity Markets

Shippers in the Danish market have access to book capacity through two different platforms: PRISMA and Energinet Online.


The European trading platform PRISMA makes it possible for shippers to book capacities at European interconnection points through a single platform.

Shippers in Denmark, who are registered with PRISMA, can select Energinet as TSO and participate in day-ahead, monthly, quarterly and yearly capacity auctions of bundled and un-bundled capacity at the Dragør and Ellund entry/exit points.

Additionally, shippers may choose to access our secondary market for bilateral capacity trades.

Shippers registered with PRISMA who are interested in establishing a player relationship with Energinet, are welcome to contact us. Energinet will approve the shipper relationship after receiving a signed power of attorney which should be sent to

The following resources provide additional information:

List of capacity auctions on PRISMA (pdf)
Exchange rates for auctions on PRISMA
Price steps (pdf)

Energinet Online

Shippers in Denmark, who are registered with Energinet, may book day-ahead, monthly, quarterly and yearly capacity for the Nybroe entry/exit point, RES (“biomethane”) entry point, and the Joint Balancing Zone on a first-come-first serve basis.

Additionally, registered shippers have access to our secondary market for bilateral capacity trades through Energinet Online.  

Shipper-to-shipper capacity transfers are generally executed through Energinet's virtual Capacity Transfer Facility (CTF) booking feature, available at Energinet Online. However, a manual process is also available.

Learn more about how to get user access to Energinet Online and the Energinet Online features available to you.

Learn more about the Rules for CTF

Current available capacity and reserved capacity published on Online

Commodity Markets

The Danish gas market model offers shippers two ways to buy and sell gas:

1) through Energinet's virtual point ETF (Exchange Transfer Facility) for trades executed in the primary market on the Danish gas exchange, PEGAS; and

2) through GTF (Gas Transfer Facility), Energinet's virtual point for bilateral trades in the secondary market.

The Danish gas exchange - PEGAS

PEGAS is the primary trading platform of the Danish gas market. Gaspoint Nordic is a transparent and secure commodity exchange where registered shippers buy and sell gas at a market-driven price.

Today, 65 pct. of gas delivered to consumers in Denmark is traded on PEGAS.

To trade on PEGAS you must be registered in Energinet’s Register of Players.

PEGAS has additional information about how to become a registered trader.

Gaspoint Nordic

68 pct. of the gas delivered to consumers in Denmark is traded on Gaspoint Nordic.