Gas market message (REMIT)

Energinet’s gas market message portal communicates information that could significantly affect the gas market.

Transparent Communication

Energinet has created a designated gas market message portal in answer to EU’s REMIT regulation, which seeks to improve communication transparency in the European energy sector.

Direct Communication

Our gas market message portal makes it possible for Energinet and market players to instantly share information that could significantly affect the price of gas in the wholesale market.


Whenver Energinet acts in the market to fullfill our duty to protect Denmark’s gas supply, we send out a REMIT message to keep all of our market participants informed.

We also announce all significant maintenance work – including maintenance plans that may affect our gas transmission system or interconnection points with Sweden and Germany.

Post news & receive news

Energinet’s registered gas market message recipients receive posted messages directly by e-mail.

Our registered recipients also have access to post important market news on our portal.

How to become a registered participant

Learn more about how to become a registered recipient by visiting our designated REMIT gas market message portal.