Gas quality and pressure

Rules for gas quality defines the allowed physical parameters for the gas in the Danish system and is measured and registrated by Energinet

The gas must at all times meet the requirements set in the Danish gas regulation and specification in "Terms and conditions for gas transport"

Find here links to specification of relevant components of the gas for instance  gross calorific value, Wobbe index, etc.

Responsibility of gas quality lies with the shippers. Consequences for not delivering off-spec gas is described in clause 11 of General Terms and Conditions:

OFF-Spec fees can be found under tariffs: Current tariffs (

Gas transported in the gas transmission system must comply with Annex 1 of Energinet’s General Terms and Conditions for Gas Transport in the gas system. Link to Annex 1 of the General Terms and Conditions:

More information about gas quality and contact information:

Gas composition including the Wobbe index:

Gas quality in all entry/exit points of the Danish gas market:

The requirement for pressure in the gas system is specified in clause 5 of rules for bionatural gas:

Rules (