Safe storage level in the Danish gas storage facilities

The safe storage level (SSL) informed shippers in Denmark about the actual filling of the gas storage facilities in Denmark during the Tyra redevelopment, due to the limited supply to Denmark, and Sweden. Especially during wintertime both countries ar dependent on additional supply from the Danish gas storage facilities.

Information of safe storage level (SSL) gives the basis for further calculations

The information is a tool to calculate how to meet the Danish and Swedish consumption for the rest of the storage season.

Learn more about how well the market is supplied for the season, and you will be able to make your own risk assessment and dispositions.

 This is what the curves show you:

  • Emergency Gas: Emergency gas owned by Energinet.
  • Max Storage Capacity: The maximal storage capacity, which is daily updated for the rest of the storage year.
  • Stored Total: Daily updated total amount of gas stored in the Danish storage facilities.
  • Projected Storage level:  Daily forecast of stored gas based on the actual storage level, with planned future reductions in the entry capacity taken into account.
  • Emergency Gas plus Filling Requirements: Sum of Emergency Gas and Individual Filling Requirements.

Storage capacity:

Further information about storage capacity can be found at Gas Storage Denmarks website: Gas Storage Denmark