Supply situation during redevelopment of the Tyra-platform 2019-2023/2024

Here you can follow how the redevelopment of the Tyra platform will affect the supply and demand situation in Denmark and Sweden in the years 2019-2023/2024

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Energinet publishes assessments of the potential supply and demand situation and describes how the market in 2019-2023/2024 may be affected, and how potential adverse effects can be mitigated.

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Gas from the Syd Arne pipeline at Nybro Entry Point

Some gas will flow through the Nybro entry point from the Syd Arne – Nybro pipeline during the Tyra redevelopment. This will contribute positively to the supply and demand situation.
Energinet guarantees that end consumers will receive gas within accepted gas quality specifications. Due to potential deviations of the Wobbe index in the gas from the Syd Arne pipeline, gas from the Syd Arne – Nybro pipeline will be blended with gas from Germany to ensure an acceptable gas quality.   
More information of the conditions under which Energinet accepts gas at Nybro is specified in an official letter to the market.