Global engagement

We can make a difference in the world by helping to lead the way in the green transition, and sharing knowledge with other countries that have not come as far as Denmark.

Global engagement

Energinet adopted a new vision in 2019: Green energy for a better world. This vision clearly expresses that our social responsibility extends beyond Denmark’s borders.

Our primary task is to demonstrate that Denmark can implement the green transition of the energy system, while maintaining a high level of security of supply and keeping costs at a level which is affordable to society. If Denmark is successful, this may help pave the way for green transitions in other countries.

On the heels of the new vision, Energinet formulated a CSR policy based on the UN’s sustainable development goals. A 100% green transition for energy systems is one of the most important keys to halting global climate challenges, and global goal 13 on climate action therefore serves as the general guide for our CSR initiatives. We have also given priority to three global goals, which we have a special responsibility to contribute to as we perform our core task.

Global goals

Energy consultancy

Energinet offers global energy consultancy to share our unique experience from the Danish green transition.

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