Promising opportunities


4 promising opportunities on the road to 100% green energy

Energinet’s social mission is to convert the energy system with the aim of ensuring that citizens and businesses use renewable energy for everything, with a high level of security of supply and at an affordable price.

In the coming years, we need to do what we can to support energy consumption which can realise and utilise the enormous offshore wind power resources as well as onshore solar energy and wind power which are now becoming more widely available on market terms. So that we can use renewable energy for everything.

We have to exploit 4 potentials: Sector coupling, Large-scale off-shore wind power, Solar and wind power on market terms, and Collaboration with society

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Energinet’s strategy must be seen in the light of political ambitions in Denmark and Europe, including, in particular, the ambitions to ensure 100% renewable energy in the electricity system in 2030 and to achieve a climateneutral society in 2050.