Hydrogen market dialogue

As part of our maturation project on hydrogen infrastructure, we invite coming users of the future hydrogen network to participate in various consultations on an ongoing basis. Materials are published on this page.

Previous events

  • Balancing model consultation until EOD 10 May 2024:


  • Q&A list for User Commitments
    • Energinet has published a list of questions and answers received during the past months market dialogue on user commitments. The Q&A represents a list of questions and answers presented anonymously that has a general interest to all market participants, in terms of potentially participating in Step 1 of the user commitment process.


  • Step 1 of the user commitment process will be a market study due EOD 5 May 2024.
    • It is very important that anyone who wishes to use Danish Backbone West in the future makes their demand clearly known now. The results of this survey will be used for political discussions about potential re-scoping in Q3 2024 and for the business case that Energinet is preparing for our conditional investment decision in Q1 2025. 
    • The survey is quite extensive, so we recommend reviewing it immediately, so that you can plan accordingly.
    • It is not possible for you to enter your response, exit the survey, and then return to it, so please take a look at this PDF print-out or Word document first.
    • Here is a link to the survey itself and the Excel template for questions 16 and 17 in the survey.
    • E-mail the Excel document and documentation of your maturity to cru@energinet.dk and kkn@energinet.dk with your company and project name in both the subject line and document titles, and if possible given file sizes, try to send one email per project.
    • Energinet is subject to the Danish Public Information Act, but you can redact commercially sensitive information (e.g., prices), and we will report all results on an aggregated level.
    • You can also request an additional optional NDA from the email addresses above.
    • Here is our latest map to support your responses, but the final route is still to be decided.
    • We will publish information packages about routing and other topics in June and September (see introduction in the survey).