The first information package on hydrogen is now published

To support the establishment of a hydrogen network in Denmark, Energinet hereby releases Information Package 1. This information package includes the latest information on several topics related to the Danish Hydrogen Backbone and the framework for the future utilization of a Danish Hydrogen Transmission Network.

In order to accommodate the markets need for information Energinet will publish information packages on relevant subjects. This is the first of two planned information packages in 2024. Information package 2 will be released in September.

This information package contains: 

  • Status on user commitment process.
  • A general overview of the expected physical project and possible connection points.
  • General market conditions, focusing on the expected market model and market roles.
  • A summary of the balancing model for the Danish Hydrogen Transmission Network.
  • A description of the overall framework for hydrogen tariffs.
  • A description of the expected framework for hydrogen quality.
  • A description of the expected framework for network connections.

The information released is based on Energinet’s best available knowledge on the subjects at this point in time. However, a lot of work is yet to be finalized and a lot of the legal framework regarding hydrogen is not yet in place. Therefore, the information provided is not final and may be subject to changes in coming information packages. 

Energinet expects to release further Information packages during 2025, to support the market in the user commitment process. 

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