Public consultation on export cable for Energy Island Bornholm through Swedish Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea

Energinet invites to public consultation on the environmental assessment of an export cable for Energy Island Bornholm through the Swedish Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea

Energy Island Bornholm
As part of the Danish Energy Island project, it has been politically decided to establish 3 GW offshore wind farms south of Bornholm in the Danish sector of the Baltic Sea. From converter systems on Bornholm, the generated wind power will be exported to Zealand and Germany. Energinet is the developer of the electrical installations and power cables that will enable export of power from the wind farms to the Danish electricity grid and Germany.

Export cable through the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone in the Baltic Sea
The export cable for wind power from Bornholm to Zealand will pass through the Swedish Exclu-sive Economic Zone (EEZ) on a route of approximately 85 km.

Installation is planned in proximity to the Baltic Pipe gas pipe to enable reuse of existing knowledge of the area and minimize environmental impact.

Energinet intends to apply for a construction permit after the Swedish Continental Shelf Act (1966:314) for the cable route in Sweden. For the cable route outside Sweden, permit applica-tion is handled in accordance with Danish environmental legislation.

Impact assessment and consultations for the export cable in Swedish EEZ
Energinet is preparing an environmental impact assessment for the export cable in the Swedish EEZ and is now conducting a consultation on the content of the impact assessment to identify areas of particular importance to the assessment of environmental impacts of the planned activities. Comments submitted will be considered in the environmental assessment.

Consultations are carried out with authorities, relevant stakeholders, organizations, and the public. Energinet is also consulting neighboring countries in accordance with the Espoo Convention.

The consultation document describing the export cable, cable corridor, stakeholders in the area and potential environmental impacts can be downloaded here:

Invitation to send your comments
Energinet invites you to send you comments to the consultation document. Consultation re-sponses can be submitted by email to no later than April 1st 2022.

Senior Consultant Kirstine Toxværd, Energinet, phone: +4521438772,