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The fifth edition of the energy island newsletter. This issue focuses on Energinet's participation in the WindEurope Annual Event 2023 and the integration of a substation on Bornholm with as minimal inconveniences as possible.

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Energy islands turning up the charm at WindEurope 2023

How can you conceal a 52-hectare high-voltage substation?


The fourth edition of the energy island newsletter. This issue focuses on the many considerations Energinet must take, documentation of a rare bird and the large area Energinet is currently investigating in the North Sea.

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Many factors need to be considered in the location of large onshore facilities

Huge area in the North Sea is being studied for all living flora and fauna

The preliminary studies for the North Sea Energy Island contribute to historic findings in Danish waters 


The third edition of the energy island newsletter. This issue focuses both on the already achieved outcomes and the ongoing focus regarding the energy islands.

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Status of offshore feasibility studies

Lego and the Energy Island

Connection of Bornholm’s power grid to the energy island poses an extra challenge

Rock island may become the playground of the world


Energinet is planning the future together with our neighbouring countries, and is currently investigating how the Danish energy islands can advance the green transition in Europe. Climate change is a pressing problem, and it is clear that cooperation will be crucial to achieving our goals. This issue focuses on collaboration regarding the energy island in the Baltic Sea.

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Energinet and a German TSO are working together to establish an interconnection between Germany and the Baltic Sea energy island  

50Hertz: The energy islands are the next big step in the European green transition

Public meetings could set the direction for large electrical facilities on Bornholm (or read in Danish here)

Since the previous newsletter - where are the energy islands right now?


Preliminary studies in the North Sea and in the Baltic Sea begins.

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Preliminary studies for the energy island in the Baltic Sea are launched

Webinar: An update on the preliminary studies and possible impact on nature (webinar in Danish)

Energy Islands taking flora, fauna and bats into consideration