50Hertz: The energy islands are the next big step in the European green transition

Lorenz Mueller is Head of Regulatory Affairs in the German TSO 50Hertz and is member of the bilateral Steering Group for the joint project between Energinet and 50Hertz regarding the possible creation of an energy hub in the Baltic Sea on the island of Bornholm with connections to Germany.

Lorenz Mueller sees many opportunities in the cooperation with Energinet:

“We have a very good and long-lasting relationship with Energinet, so I think it is a logical step that we collaborate on the energy island,” Lorenz Mueller says, emphasizing the development of the Kriegers Flak CGS-project.

“The development of a potential interconnector between Denmark and Germany is only the first step towards the energy hub. In the future, we expect further interconnectors to be built for example to Sweden, Poland and other countries. Since Bornholm is a natural island where a hub can be built on, we can here put the main focus on the technology as well as the legal and regulatory aspects of this pioneer project to realize it even faster. We can set the framework and show how such an energy hub can become reality.”

He continues: 

“In the pre-feasibility study, we have figured out that it is definitely reasonable to continue working on this project. Of course, we need to elaborate further on that and decide which technology we have to build, how the regulatory and legal framework needs to look like and how we actually collaborate from an organizational point of view. We are still in an early stage, but I am very optimistic that we will successfully realize the Baltic Sea Energy Island.”

Lorenz Mueller

Lorenz Mueller, Head of Regulatory Affairs, 50Hertz