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Examples from current geophysical surveys:

1: The assumed site of the future, artificial energy island in the North Sea


Relief image of the seafloor displaying a bathymetrical high. The location is assumed to host the artificial island. Water depth range from 25 meter (dark red) to 45 meter (dark blue). The survey is performed during the summer 2021 with a multibeam echosounder. The width of the “image” is approximately 8 km.


2: A submarine from the WWII


Wreck of the submarine HMS Tarpon N17 from WWII. The length of the submarine is ca. 80m. Identified 2016 by the Sea War Museum. The wreck is located within the project area and will be respected and managed in cooperation with marine archaeologists.


Energinets work ahead: 

Below is a timeline with estimates. Note that the estimates can change. The timeline maps the most important phases in the preliminary investigations until the construction phase.