Danish Offshore Wind 2030 - New deliverables available on Azure - Kattegat and Hesselø South area.

Metocean data are available for download at Danish Offshore Wind 2030 (energinet.dk)

Following metocean deliverables for Kattegat area are now available for download:
- Item 1102, Measurements (data)
- Item 1103, Measurement Reports

Following metocean deliverables for Hesselø South area are now available for download:
- Item 2102, Measurements (data)
- Item 2103, Measurement Reports 

Access to data:
To get access to deliverables, click on link below with directories to Azure:
Danish Offshore Wind 2030 (energinet.dk)

Path to new data in azure storage explorer:
- Item 1102, Measurements (data):
  Kattegat II/1100 Metocean/1102 Measurements (data)/
- Item 1103, Measurement Reports:
  Kattegat II/1100 Metocean/1103 Measurement Reports/
- Item 2102, Measurements (data):
  Hesselø_South/2100 Metocean/2102 Measurements (data)/
- Item 2103, Measurement Reports:
  Hesselø_South/2100 Metocean/2103 Measurement Reports/

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