COBRAcable has reached the Dutch shore

The interconnector between Denmark and the Netherlands – the COBRAcable – has now reached the shores of both countries. In November 2017, one section of the approx. 300 km subsea cable was pulled in on the west coast of the island of Fanoe in Denmark. During a few misty days of November 2018, the shore-end of the two DC cables were pulled from the cable-laying vessel to the Dutch coast and through the dike. The subsea cables are connected to a short onshore grid, connected to the converter station at Eemshaven.

Three cable sections still need to be installed before the first power connection is a reality between Denmark and the Netherlands – one section in each of the Dutch and German sectors of the Waddensee which will be installed during November 2018 and one section further offshore which will be installed during spring 2019. This year, the last offshore installation work will be carried out towards the end of December 2018.

On shore, both converter stations are almost completed and they are ready for test as soon as the cable connection is completed.

The COBRAcable will be commissioned in the third quarter of 2019.