Full house at COBRAcable public meeting

On 8 April, about 80 citizens from Endrup and neighbourhood attended the public meeting at Endrup Møllekro to hear more about Energinet.dk's plans of establishing a converter station on the existing 400 kV station in Endrup, including DC cable to the Netherlands via Måde, south of Esbjerg, and further across the island of Fanø.

The public meeting was part of the first public hearing phase in the EIA process of COBRAcable - an electric connection between Jutland and the Netherlands to be commissioned in 2019 according to schedule. An important objective of the first public hearing phase is to include the citizens early in the planning process and to offer them the possibility to provide ideas and suggestions to the further planning.

Concerned neighbours
The plans of a large converter building, which can be up to 23 metres high and 110 metres long, cause concern in the small village society. However, at the same time, several citizens declared that they are ready to get the best out of the project.

'It’s fully understandable that a neighbouring building of this size causes concern,' said Marian Kaagh, Head of Plan and Environment at Energinet.dk.

She encouraged the citizens of Endrup to enter into a dialogue with Energinet.dk regarding the design of the large building and the area surrounding the converter station and to submit their input to the Danish Nature Agency during the current public hearing phase. Energinet.dk will be in close dialogue with the local council in Endrup and has gained good experience with cooperation with neighbours to substations from other projects, eg a project in the village Herslev at Zealand. Here, the citizens have experience being neighbour to a large substation in operation. These experiences may be useful to the citizens of Endrup.

Therefore, Marian Kaagh promised to arrange contact between the two villages, so the citizens of Endrup can benefit from the experiences made by the citizens of Herslev. Furthermore, Marian Kaagh promised that once the converter station is completed, an independent arbitration tribunal will assess whether the adjoining properties have decreased in value due to the converter building. The assessment will form the basis for payment of damages to the neighbours.

Ideas and suggestions to be submitted no later than 25 April 2014
The first public hearing phase in the EIA process runs until 25 April 2014. This means that by this date, ideas and suggestions for the further planning must be submitted to the Danish Nature Agency to:
Danish Nature Agency
Haraldsgade 53
2100 Copenhagen Ø
State the subject:
EIA for COBRAcable
J.no. NST-131-00176

Material from the public meeting
If you would like to see Energinet.dk and the Danish Nature Agency's presentations from the public meeting and a map of the project area for the land cable, they are available here (in Danish).