Kriegers Flak: invites tenders

Three contractors have been pre-qualified to submit tenders for the delivery of the two converter facilities which must be a part of the grid connection of the Kriegers Flak offshore wind turbines.

The suppliers of electric substations, particularly DC systems and high-voltage transmission lines have long delivery times. That is the reason why acts early in order to ensure deliveries of the technical facilities which combined must constitute the grid connection of 600 MW offshore wind turbines at Kriegers Flak.
“We are obligated to be ready with the grid connection on 1 July 2018, where the first offshore wind turbines start generating electricity”, says Jens Christian Hygebjerg, project manager. Therefore, we have to place orders on the most advanced and in-demand components at an early stage. 
Combined solution
The plant must be erected as a combined grid connection facility and electric connection to Germany. This means that several parts of the plant are based on DC technology. Consequently, converter facilities must be built at both Zealand and at Kriegers Flak. Furthermore, the cable between the two converter stations will be based on direct current. As the delivery time on cables also is long, invites tenders for the cable in the course of August-September.

Tenders have been invited for the converter station at sea together with the platform which must accommodate the technical components. Depending on which contractor is awarded the contract, the platform will be approx. 50 metres wide, 80 metres long and 25 metres high. Thus, the platform will be approx. five times larger than the transformer platform which has erected in connection with Anholt Offshore Wind Farm.
Onshore, the building for the converter facility will be correspondingly large. Where the converter station will be placed, will be decided in connection with the EIA procedure which the Danish Nature Agency has initiated.

Contracts middle of 2014
It is expected that contracts for both converter facility and cables can be signed in the middle of 2014. No contracts are entered before the Danish Climate and Energy Minister has given the green light to the investment in the total landing facility.



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