Major Contract

Major contract for shore link from Kriegers Flak offshore wind farm and interconnector project awarded

Contract concluded for foundations for the transformer platforms at sea.

A contract has been concluded with the joint venture consisting of lemants NV and Jan De Nul NV, to deliver the two gravity based foundations, to be constructed near the future offshore wind farm at Kriegers Flak. When the offshore wind farm is complete, the wind turbines will be able to generate enough climate-friendly electricity to supply 600,000 households.

At the same time, and the German TSO 50Hertz Transmission GmbH will connect Kriegers Flak with the German Baltic 2 offshore wind farm, thereby creating the first offshore power grid in the world to combine wind power instal-lations with the possibility of exchanging electricity between two countries.

The contract with the joint venture consisting of lemants NV and Jan De Nul NV covers the design, purchasing, construction and installation of two platform foun-dations.
The foundations have to support the platforms which collect the electricity from the future offshore wind farm and feed it ashore in Denmark, as well as the platform extension necessary to connect the Danish 220 kV power system with the German 150 kV power system and thereby establish an international connection between the two countries.

The price for the two foundations is approx. EUR 31.6 million. Under the contract, both foundations shall be delivered by end of 2017.
EU funding
The European Commission has designated the interconnection between Denmark and Germany as a Project of Common Interest (PCI). Additionally, the intercon-nector project is subsidised by the European Energy Programme for Recovery.


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