The EU grants EUR 150m to Kriegers Flak

EU agreement awarding EUR 150m to Danish and German 50Hertz Transmission GmbH in support of the establishment of an offshore power grid at Kriegers Flak undersigned.

The European Commission has entered into an agreement with the electricity Transmission System Operators in Denmark and 50Hertz in Germany to award up to EUR 150m in support of the establishment of an offshore power grid at Kriegers Flak. This Grant Agreement, as it is called, was concluded under the European Energy Program for Recovery (EEPR) on the condition that the project obtains the necessary authority approvals and permissions in Denmark and Germany.

Kriegers Flak is a shallow area of water located between Denmark, Germany and Sweden, which is particularly suitable for the erection of large offshore wind farms. The international project involves setting up a combined grid solution, which makes it possible to connect offshore wind farms to an offshore power grid connecting Denmark and Germany. Sweden can also be connected to this interconnector at a later stage.

“The project has received much attention on the international scene as it may serve as a model for future offshore power grids in the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the Mediterranean. The project will also strengthen the trade of electricity between Denmark and Germany”, explains's Peter Jørgensen, Vice President, Electricity Division.

“The project will improve security of supply, strengthen competition on the electricity market to the benefit of the consumers, and help to realise the ambitious goals of expanding renewable energy in Europe”, says Gert Schwarzbach, Managing Director from 50Hertz Offshore.

Also, the project will contribute to spreading wind power to a larger geographical area. It will ensure improved utilisation and thus increase the value of the wind energy as wind energy continues to expand rapidly in Denmark and Germany.

European Commission helped paving the way to starting this pioneer offshore grid project also via the supportive involvement of the EU Coordinator for offshore/onshore grid development. In its Energy Program for Recovery, the EU has earmarked a total of EUR 3.98bn for electricity and gas infrastructure, offshore wind farms and carbon storage and capture. The European Energy Program for Recovery finances 'intelligent investments', i.e. provides financial support aimed at boosting economy and occupation through targeted investments in infrastructure projects of central importance to the EU to achieve it energy and environmental policy goals.

Additional information: Peter Jørgensen, Vice President, Electricity Division, tel.: +45 2333 8538
Hertz: Volker Kamm, Press Officer,, tel.: +49 30 5150-3417


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