Cable Contract

Cable contract awarded for the world’s first offshore interconnector connecting two offshore windfarms and two countries

​ and 50Hertz have awarded nkt cables the contract for the pro-duction and delivery of the submarine cables as part of the Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution.

The Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution (CGS) project will establish the world’s first offshore interconnection by using the national grid connections to offshore wind-farms. Now the contract for the delivery of the submarine cables that will connect the two offshore windfarms, and thereby the two countries, has been signed. The project is therefore moving forward as planned.
The future Danish Kriegers Flak windfarm and the German Baltic 2 windfarm are located less than 25 km from each other in the Baltic Sea. They will be connected via two 150 kV AC submarine cables delivered by nkt cables. By this, an inter-connector is established which will enable secure transfer of energy of around 400 MW between Denmark and Germany.
The submarine cable laying is planned to take place in the middle of 2018 to ena-ble the interconnector to be put into operation by end 2018.
The additional main parts of the Kriegers Flak CGS infrastructure comprises the construction, installation and commissioning of a back-to-back Converter Station in Bentwisch (DE), the installation of an offshore platform at Kriegers Flak (DK), the extension of the existing offshore platform Baltic 2 (DE)  and the installation of a filter and shunt reactor at Bjaeverskov  (DK).


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