Kriegers Flak CGS i drift

Kriegers Flak Combined Grid Solution is now completely connected to the grid

Since yesterday (15.12.2020), the interconnector Combined Grid Solution - Kriegers Flak (CGS KF) in the Baltic Sea is completely in operation. The trial runs were successfully completed, recently restart tests after a simulated power outage on both the Danish and the German side. This means that an additional 400 MW of capacity is now available for electricity transfer between the zone Denmark East and the German bidding zone.

The new interconnector will enable the cheapest forms of generation in both countries to cover electricity demand. For the first time, CGS KF will be able to transport offshore wind power and provide transmission capacity for cross-border electricity trading in a combined technical facility. This is an important step for the future offshore wind energy use in the North and Baltic Sea. The two German wind farms Baltic 1 and Baltic 2 are integrated into CGS KF. The commissioning and integration of the Danish wind farm Kriegers Flak is planned for 2021.