Kriegers Flak: Up to 400 MW additional capacity between Zealand and Germany

When commissions the combined landing and international connection between Zealand and Northern Germany, the Net Transfer Capacity between the two areas will increase by up to 400 MW.

- The primary task of the future facility is to transfer the power from the 600 MW wind turbines, which will be erected on the Danish part of Kriegers Flak. However, during the hours where the wind turbines are standing partially or completely still, the ‘excess capacity’ in the grid is made available to the market, says Jens Christian Hygebjerg, lead project manager, 

As the German wind turbines at Kriegers Flak will be connected to Germany with a 400 MW connection, which is already being established, a maximum of 400 MW can be made available to the market.’s new grid connection will be commissioned by the middle of 2018.


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