KFE transformer
Tranformer being lifted and placed into the platform. © Dieter Böhm

Tranformer lifted into platform

Interconnector Kriegers Flak - Combined Grid Solution reaches next milestone

On April 3th, the heart of the offshore platform Kriegers Flak Extension, the 450-MVA-Transformer, has been lifted and placed into the platform. At the dockyard Hollandia BV (HOBV) in Krimpen/Ijssel the platform was build. Here, the transformer was completed including the final oil filling and the connection of the radiators. End of April the platform will leave the dockyard and travel to the Kriegers Flak offshore wind park. There, the platform will be placed onto the foundation.

Due to the different voltage levels of the Danish and German offshore wind farms (150 to 220 kilovolt), the transformer is an important part of the inter-conncector.


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