Together with the German TSO TenneT, Energinet expands the trading capacity between Denmark and Germany by connecting the German and the Danish part of the West Coast Line. On the Danish side, Energinet builds a new double circuit 400 kV overhead line from the substation Endrup to the Danish-German border.


The expansion of the interconnection capacity between Denmark and Germany is related to Viking Link – a 1400 MW interconnector between Denmark and Great Britain, which will be commissioned by the end of 2023. With the realization of Viking Link, it is necessary to have instant back up capacity in the Danish power system in case of failure on Viking Link. The new line to Germany will guarantee that reserve power can be retrieved in central Europe immediately.


The new power line will also increase the trading capacity between Denmark and Germany.


Important project for Europe

The new interconnector between Denmark and Germany is on the EU list of important infrastructure projects contributing to the interconnection of the European electricity networks, the so-called Projects of Common Interest (PCI).


Technical description

• The interconnector is established as a double circuit 400 kV overhead line. In environmentally sensitive areas, the line is established with cables in the ground.

• The interconnector goes from the substation Endrup east of Esbjerg and to the German border.

• The power line is approx. 75 km long.




2023: Planning and EIA permissions

2023: Negotiations of land rights

2024: Construction

Q1 2025: Commissioning

Project information


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