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Far out in the North Sea, Energinet’s first vessel is sailing towards the first energy island. 
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The Battle of Jutland
  • Imperial Germany and Britain engaged in world history’s largest naval battle from 31 May to 1 June 1916. The naval battle was won by the British, thus helping to determine the outcome of World War I. 
  • The battle took place off the west coast of Jutland along the section between Hanstholm and Blåvandshuk.
  • The cannons could be heard on land, although it was not possible to see the battle from the coast.
  • The British deployed 151 vessels against the Germans’ 99. When the battle was over, 14 British ships and 11 German ships had been sunk.
  • The heaviest shell in the battle weighed 879 kilos.
  • The fleets were manned by a total of 60,000 British and 45,000 German sailors, respectively. 8,645 sailors were killed in the Battle of Jutland and 1,181 were wounded.

Source: Sea War Museum Jutland