All the Danish public tenders are gathered at Udbud.dk, so it is easier for the suppliers to find the public contracts open for competition. At the same time Udbud.dk makes it easier Energinet, as the Contracting Entity, to handle the tender process.

As of 1 January 2016, all contracting entities must use www.udbud.dk when announcing purchases of goods and services covered by Title IV of the Public Procurement Act on public procurement below the thresholds with clear cross-border interest.
For cross-border interest, it must be understood that a company in another Member State may be interested in the contract. This obligation to advertise is governed by Title 1 of the "Public Procurement Declaration under the thresholds with clear cross-border interest and on the use of electronic means of communication in the tender under Title II and III of the Procurement Act".

Energinet thus publishes its purchases of goods and services below the threshold values and with clear cross-border interest at www.udbud.dk. A purchase of cross-border interest, published on udbud.dk, must comply with the EU legal principles of equal treatment, transparency, prohibition of discrimination and proportionality.

The threshold for goods and services under the Supply Business Directive (2014/25 / EU) is DKK 3,116,817.00.