The possibility of Energinet joining the common Nordic Imbalance Settlement will now be investigated

Yesterday, the CEOs of the four Nordic TSOs have agreed to start an investigation of the possibilities for Energinet to join the common Nordic Imbalance Settlement.

At present the Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish TSOs share a common imbalance settlement process driven by the co-owned company eSett.

The agreement confirms thereby the joint desire of all parties, that Energinet joins the existing cooperation, thereby creating a Nordic imbalance settlement. This will facilitate market harmonization and a common Nordic retail market.

“Being able to include Denmark in the Nordic cooperation is an important step in the harmonization of the market and the pursuit of a common Nordic retail market," says Swedish CEO, Ulla Sanborgh, after signing the letter of intent.
“We have a positive and constructive cooperation, and we will now work with the three other Nordic TSOs towards a good solution for all parties," says Thomas Egebo, CEO at Energinet.

The four TSOs have signed a letter of intent aiming at taking the decision on the proposed implementation within this year. The investigation will cover the details of a common settlement process as well as Energinet entering the co-ownership of eSett.