Gas Market

Learn more about the Danish gas market model and the opportunities available to shippers, gas suppliers, bio-natural gas sellers and gas storage customers.

Business Model

Entry-Exit Model 

Energinet’s business model for the Danish gas transmission system is based on a simple entry-exit model which allows market players to commercially move gas in and out of Denmark.


Energinet’s single exit zone – joint balancing zone – delivers gas to all Danish and Swedish consumers. This supports a high level of flexibility in the Danish and Swedish gas market, because a single customer may be supplied with gas from several entry points. 

Sanish gas market model

ENTRY points

The Danish business model provides the following entry points: 

1) Five entry points at North Sea, Nybro, Ellund, Faxe and the Joint balancing zone, where the gas enters Denmark and Sweden.

2) One entry point (RES Entry) for renewable energy sources. At the moment only biomethane, aka bio natural gas enters the gas system. This allows shippers to virtually upload biomethane to the transmission system

EXIT points

The Danish business model provides the following exit points:  

1) Joint balancing zone, which makes it possible for gas suppliers to deliver gas to all Danish and Swedish consumers through the gas distribution network and to to three large power stations in Denmark (Avedøre ІІ, H. C Ørsted and Skærbæk) which are directly connected to the transmission system.  

2) Four exit points at Nybro, Ellund, Faxe and the Joint balancing zone for export of gas.


Energinet's business model includes one common entry and exit storage point which covers the gas storage facilities at Stenlille and Lille Torup. Storage customers use this point to feed gas into the gas storage facility or withdraw gas from it. 

Virtual Transfer Points

The Danish gas market model offers shippers two ways to buy and sell gas:

1) through our virtual point ETF (Exchange Transfer Facility) for trades executed on the stock gas exchange, EEX.

2) through GTF (Gas Transfer Facility), our virtual point for bilateral trades in the secondary market.

Are you a shipper?

If you would like learn more about all the features and services that are available to shippers in the Danish gas market, please visit our special shipper page or feel free to give us a call.



Owners & operators of the Danish gas system infrastructure

Transmission system

Energinet is the owner and operator of the Danish transmission system.

Gas distribution network

The gas distribution Network is owned and operated by one distribution company: Evida



Storage Facilities

Energinet is the owner of Gas Storage Denmark A/S, which operates the gas storage facilities at Stenlille on Sealand and at Lille Torup in Northern Jutland.

Commercial players in the Danish gas market

All commercial players in the Danish gas market – such as shippers, gas suppliers, bio natural gas sellers and storage customers must be registered with Energinet in our register of players.

  • Shipper
  • Shipper
  • Gas Supplier
  • BNG Seller
  • Storage customer


Learn more about Energinet's free registration process for new shippers.
Wholesale traders in the Danish gas market are known as shippers. You will find all the information you need about how you become a shipper and the requirements and possibilities the role presents by following this link:  Shippers.

Gas Supplier

Gas suppliers sell gas to consumers in the Danish retail market. If you are a gas supplier in the Danish market or if you are considering becoming a gas supplier, you will find additional information about Denmark’s gas retail market here: Retail Market.

BNG Seller

Bio natural gas is the Danish term for biomethane and everyone is welcome to become a Bio Natural Gas Seller in the Danish gas market.
Learn more about how to register as a BNG seller with Energinet.

Storage customer

Before you conclude a gas storage agreement with Gas Storage Denmark A/S, you must be listed in Energinet's register of players and have a framework agreement with us. You can find additional information at Gas Storage Denmark A/S.

Fill out the registratíon form and send it to

You will receive a Storage Customer Framework Agreement to sign.




Energinet hosts a number of gas market forums.

Energinet Online

Energinet Online

Self-service portal for registered shippers

Rules and Reports

Rules and Reports

The legal framework that governs your role in the Danish gas market

Tariffs and Fees

Tariffs and Fees

Energinet's price policy and rates