Follow the share of biogas in the gas net

The amount of biogas is increasing in the Danish gas grid, and now you can follow exactly how much biogas is injected into the gas system on a daily basis and compare it to the Danish gas consumption. Energy Data Service, operated by Energinet, has launched data about biogas.

Energinet’s Energy Data Service has been updated with data on biogas. So now you can see data on the amounts of biogas in the Danish gas system and the amounts of gas being consumed every day. By comparing the two you can calculate the share of biogas. The data is being updated daily.

Find data on biogas in Energy Data Service right here.

It is possible to draw information going back to January 2014. If you do so, you will find that the amount of biogas has increased from 10.000 kWh to 6.500.000 kWh.


About Energy Data Service

Energy Data Service was launched in 2017 as an easy access to the enormous amounts of data in Energinet. The database is continuously expanded with new data sets. Data from Energy Data Service can be used free of charge and is supposed to support innovation, growth and product development.

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