Minimum available hourly capacities for DE-DK West according to Joint Declaration and TenneT’s Commitment


According  to the Joint Declaration from the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utility and Climate and the German Economic Ministry in June 2017 on increasing the electricity trade between the two countries (see press releases from the German and Danish ministry) and TenneT’s commitment towards the European Commission (see press release), the relevant Transmission System Operators of both countries, TenneT and Energinet, have agreed on the implementation of a joint countertrading program.


While Energinet and TenneT already met the requirements from the Joint Declaration since July 2017 for guaranteeing minimum available hourly capacities for both directions of the border DE/DK-West, TenneT needs to implement the additional demands from the commitment. Therefore, both Transmission System Operators have signed an extended agreement to support TenneT in meeting its commitments.


The minimum available hourly capacities are derived from both obligations. With respect to safeguarding system stability exceptions have been defined for reducing capacity guarantees. The minimum capacity applies for both trading directions in the day-ahead allocation. The table below shows the minimum available hourly capacities for the next periods:




 Starting date  Capacity according to Joint Declaration