Market Model 2.0

In 2014-2015 Energinet teamed up with more than 20 energy companies, consumer organisations and government authorities, etc. to analyse current and future challenges, and to develop solutions to future-proof the electricity market

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Themes analysed were:

  • The power stations’ business models and challenges
  • Flexibility on the demand side
  • Incentives for renewable energy in the spot market
  • International perspectives on challenges.

Future-proofing the electricity market

Well-functioning markets, with strong competition and a high level of flexibility in terms of both supply and demand, are prerequisites for a socio-economically efficient transition of the Danish energy supply. An new market model will help ensure this.
A new market model is to contribute to a healthy investment climate in the energy sector and encourage interaction and flexibility across the value chain.

Flexibility on the demand and generation side

Further studies have been done on the Danish Market design for activation of flexible electricity demand and generation by aggregators.

The explanatory note can be downloaded here.



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