Energinet at Techfestival 2018

Energinet partnered up with Techfestival because we believe the tech sector and the energy sector is a power couple in our greener future

Energinet and the Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate are partners with this year's Techfestival in Copenhagen because we want to inspire and be inspired. And because we believe digital technologies will be a key enabler for achieving our ambitious goals of a greener future.


Every year Techfestival gathers more than 20.000 technologists, designers, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientists, researchers and artists from all over the world for 5 inspiring days with conversations on technology, humans and climate action.

Our tech experts

Meet Jonas, Anne, Laurids and Jesper. Four of Energinet's young tech experts working with data, prototyping and digitalisation


Digitalisation in Energinet

Digitalisation is one of 4 strategic objectives in Energinet's strategy "Energy across borders".

In 2020, we have promoted innovation in the energy sector through working together on experiments for smart energy solutions in the green transition.


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