Energy islands: Transfer of costs through grid charges

Energinet invite stakeholders interested in the upcoming tenders for the energy islands to a dialogue on the grid charges for the offshore wind farm.

Update: The meeting will only be online via Microsoft Teams. If you have signed up for physical participation you will receive a mail with link to online participation.

Denmark is establishing the world’s first energy islands – one in the Baltic Sea and one in the North Sea. Energinet will establish, own, and operate the Danish part of the infrastructure necessary for the offshore windfarms to access the existing transmission infrastructure.  

The task of determining a method for grid charges of the energy islands within the regulatory framework is carried out by Energinet. With this meeting Energinet wishes to involve stake-holders in the process of developing the method. When the method is finalized Energinet will submit the method for public consultation. The Danish Utility Regulator is the regulating authority and must approve the method. 

The purpose of this meeting is to give potential tenderes and relevant industry associations an insight into the regulatory framework for grid charges, an outline of the grid charges and how we are planning to determine the costs and payment methods. 

We are actively looking to engage in dialogue regarding topics related to the grid charges for offshore windfarms connected to the energy islands. 

Time Theme Topics 
15 min Welcome

Welcome and purpose of the meeting

Review of the agenda

20 min Regulatory framework for grid charges
What are the rules governing the development of grid charges for the Energy Islands?
45 min Outline of grid charges What will be the general elements of the grid charges for the offshore windfarms
45 min Determining the costs
How will the costs for the parts of the payment be determined?
30 min Payment method Timeframe for charging connection fee
15 min Conclusion and next steps  

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Registration Deadline
13 October 2022 at 05.00 PM
26 October 2022
01.00 PM-04.00 PM
Online via Microsoft Teams.
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