Become a balance-responsible party

Find out how your company becomes a balance-responsible party and start your onboarding process here.

About the role

A balance-responsible party, or BRP for short, is a company that can and may handle the balance responsibility for production and consumption units and/or trades actual electricity. Because this role gives access to the day-ahead market, the intraday market, and the balancing market, a BRP can be active in both the electricity market and the balancing market.

Last, but not least, the balance-responsible party is financially responsible for imbalances and deviations between planned and actual production, consumption, and trade of power.

A balance-responsible party can also, by agreement with Energinet, deliver ancillary services, if technical and legal requirements are met.   

Read more about the BRP role in Regulation C1 (Danish only).


Requirements for balance-responsible parties (BRPs)

  1. To become a balance-responsibility party, your company must be familiar with the regulations for balance responsibility, see Forskrift C1 here (Danish only).

  2. The company must be VAT registered.

  3. The company must enter into an agreement with eSett. Click here to read more about eSetts requirements and to register. 

  4. The company must have an EIC-number, which can be acquired by filling out this form and sending it to

  5. The company must have a GLN number, which can be acquired here.

  6. The company must provide financial security through a credit of 1.000.000 DKK. Fill out this form and send it to to start the credit assessment process.

  7. If your company wishes to deliver ancillary services, it must have prequalified units. Read more about prequalification and tests here.

  8. If your company wishes to deliver ancillary services and has units that deliver more than 10 MWh, the units must be registered in Datahub. Read more about Datahub and registration here.

For balance-responsible parties delivering ancillary services 

  • Balance-responsible parties with generation units that supply ancillary services are required to comply with Bekendtgørelse om IT-beredskab for el- og naturgassektorerne.

  • All companies that supply electricity in Denmark are required to comply with the technical regulations, which can be read here.

  • Balance-responsible parties can test their systems against Datahub. You can read more about this here.

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