Energy Origin

Imagine if we all knew where our energy came from at all times, and were able to choose the green energy by the hour.   That is the vision we are working for in Project Energy Origin .

 Energinet has created a prototype, that can prove the origins of electricity by the hour. This creates potentials for Power-to-X, a sustainable profile and new “smart” solutions and services for consumers of energy. Energinet has tested and approved the prototype in cooperation with more than 50 market players and have now started product development of the Energy Origin platform. 

Energy Origin is the natural next step in tracing the origins of electricity, as it will be a platform for tracing the origins of all energy forms, now and in the future. 

More information about the prototype 

To support an energy consumption that can realize and make the enormous sustainable energy resources useful, we must first be able to prove that the energy does in fact stem from the renewable sources better than we are able to today.

To be able to document the origins of the energy on an hourly basis (so that it follows the market settlement) will give consumers new possibilities for taking green choices – and could be the very foundation for sector coupling (PTX), great scale sea wind and sustainable energy on market terms.

For what good is the green transition really, if we cannot prove that the energy we consume, truly is green? That is why we are working to granulate the origins of energy.

Our Ambition is to give everyone a greener choice

The demand for sustainability is growing rapidly. Sustainable products and services are in high demand – and the green must be green throughout the entire value chain. It is to these demands, Project Energy Origin speaks.

The goal of Project Energy Origin is to utilize the possibility of following the energy from the source of the production to the outlet – hour by hour – so that you may consume with a green conscience. it will also be possible to monitor your CO2 outlet.

Simultaneity between production of sustainable energy and consumption of energy – that is the real factor, that would be the foundation for future solutions - such as PtX when the fuel of the future need to be able to document a green production. This for instance when plains, lorries and ships are to sail using e-fuels, which are made from electricity from the grid (power to X). The EU commission is to publish a method of doing exactly that in 2022 – and Project Origins is a proposal for this method.

The dilemma of the current solution

Today, the guarantees of origin are calculated as an annual average in match between consumption and production. This means that a green guarantee of origin (GO) guarantees that an amount of electricity corresponding to the guarantee bought, will be produced via sustainable sources during the year.

As there is no demand on the production of green energy to be done simultaneously with the consumption, you can't be sure that you are in fact consuming the exact green electricity from the guarantee, but merely that an amount corresponding to your guarantee, will be produced in the relevant year. When there is no wind and no sun, we are in fact still very much dependent on fossil electricity production to supply everyone with electricity.

As such, there is a dilemma in the way we document the origins of electricity through guarantees of origin today. Consumers, who are buying 100 % of their annual consumption of electricity from sustainable sources, are still dependent on fossil fuels in the electricity system. In fact, there is a margin of error on production of sustainable energy of more than 50%, when calculated over a year. When it is calculated on an hourly basis, it is less than 2,5%.

We tested the prototype with more than 50 external participants

To jump on the beforementioned opportunity, we have invited all interested parties (internal and external) to participate in the testing of the prototype of Project Origins in 2020. 

Our hope was, that we might be able to optimize the prototype to match even more parties, and to show what value a solution like this could create for your company and products. The feedback so far has been very promising.

The testperiod was finished in november 2020, and after analyzing the results, the project will move forward with developing and implementing the solution in the danish energy market. Energinet will be opening up this part of the project for interested parties as well in the beginning of 2022.

The prototype is still open and can be tested by anyone with a danish metering point – we would love to hear about it, if you come up with something great. 


Energy Track and Trace

Energy Track and Trace (ETT) is an ambitious, international collaboration working towards a cross border solution to tracking the origin of energy as near to real-time as possible.


In order to scale the concept of Energy Origin, the Energy Track and Trace collaboration was formed by the following TSOs:



Elia Group



ETT is an international collaboration between TSOs to demonstrate how granular certificates can travel cross-border, build on data and digitalization and collaborate around setting new standards, to accellerate renewable energy and thereby ensure more sustainable and cost-effective energy.