The Green Gas Lolland-Falster Project continues.

Energinet received sufficient bids for capacity in the Open Season 2020, and have signed 15 year capacity contracts for both exit and RES entry Lolland-Falster. Next steps are board and ministry approvals.

In March, Energinet Gas TSO held the Open Season 2020, where interested market participants could forward bids for 15 year capacity contracts, both towards the potential end market on Lolland and Falster, but also for RES entry capacity, indicating biogas potential on the two islands. For Energinet to continue, it was a requirement to receive sufficient bids for both directions, and to receive a sufficient level of financial contribution, to finance the project.


The bidding round was successful, as Energinet Gas TSO received a sufficient level of bids for capacity in both directions to continue the project. Based on this result, 15 year capacity contracts were signed with the participants by the end of March. The capacity contracts are conditional on approvals both by the main board of Energinet, and by the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, based on the possible socio-economic benefits of the project, compared to the project costs. Energinet Gas TSO expect to have the outcome of these assessments by December this year.



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