Energinet Online and Gas Backend IT system will be unavailable on 5 May and on 26 May 2020

Due to IT maintenance Energinet Online and Gas Backend IT systems will not be available on Tuesday 5 May and on Tuesday 26 May between 07:00 and 10:00

Please read the information and simple guidelines below.

Green Band

The green band for the Gas day 05-05-2020 and for the Gas day 26-05-2020 will be published as usual at 06:45. From 07:00 the green band will no longer be visual at Energinet Online. Online users will receive a text message before 08:00 on both days effected stating the span of the green band.

Purchase of capacity

Shippers needing to buy short-term capacity, that normally would be offered at Energinet Online, will need to buy the capacity in advance.


Nominations received by XML during the downtime of the two systems will be handled afterwards.

Questions or need for assistance

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause and ask that you contact us if this raises any questions. 



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