Guarantees of origin for renewable hydrogen

Energinet will develop guarantees of origin (GOs) for renewable hydrogen supplied to the collective energy system. The first steps have been taken in dialogue with market players. A scheme for guarantees of origin may be expected in 2023.

The development of hydrogen GOs has been initiated in cooperation with the Danish Energy Agency and in dialogue with with market participants. The GO scheme will comply with the requirements in Article 19 of the RE Directive and aims to support documentation requirements for green hydrogen-based fuels. At the same time, the scheme may become an important foundation in a market model for a future hydrogen infrastructure. 

An increasing interest in selling the next green gases as green hydrogen and green e-methane to Danish and international end customers signals the need for reliable documentation of the green origin of the hydrogen. Energinet will base the scheme on experience gained as issuing body of guarantees of origin for green electricity and gas. 

The development work is carried out in cooperation with the Danish Energy Agency, which is to issue guarantees of origin for hydrogen distributed outside the collective network. The basis for issuing the schemes must be consistent and is expected to form the basis of a future hydrogen infrastructure scheme. 

The first steps towards establishing a scheme in 2023

In dialogue with the market and the authorities, Energinet has taken the first steps in April 2022 and expects to have the basic concept and issue criteria in place by the end of 2022. The aim is for a proper scheme to be established in summer 2023 for electrolysis-based hydrogen. The scheme will be based on current regulation and will comply with the requirements of Article 19 of the RE Directive and the future European hydrogen origin guarantee standard.

Based on declarations from the market, it will be examined whether the scheme can support documentation requirements for green e-fuels such as hydrogen, ammonia and methanol in accordance with Article 27 of the RE Directive, eg the requirements for Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origins (RFNBO) concerning additionality, geographical and temporal correlate with RE electricity