Biomethane guarantees of origin

The market for biomethane guarantees of origin (GOs) shows promise as a new source of revenue in the gas market. Sale of Danish biomethane GOs requires an account in Energinet's registry.

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Green biomethane guarantees of origin

A more detailed description of Energinet’s biomethane guarantee of origin scheme is outlined in Energinet’s Guidelines for guarantees of origin for renewable gas.

Danish guarantees of origin (GOs) for renewable gas are issued for biogas injected into the gas system

In general, biomethane GOs in Denmark are issued on the basis of the amounts of biogas fed into the gas system and granted feed-in support. The owner of the upgrading plant may apply the Danish Energy Agency for exception of the support.  

Energinet will the following month issue Gos specifying that the biogas plant supplying gas through the upgrading plant, exempt from support, has not received production support.On all GOs it is clearly indicated, if production support was received for the injected biomethane.

Fees and charges for use of the GO scheme

When Energinet issues guarantees of origin for biomethane injected into the gas system, the users of the scheme will be charged for administration of and activity in the system. Users of the scheme and system are owners of the upgrading plants injecting biomethane to the gas system and companies importing and exporting guarantees of origin.  

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Figure of biomethane certificate model 

Cross border trade

Energinet work closely with our European counterparts to establish a trading platform for GOs. Future transactions of GOs will be carried out between account holders through European trading hubs. One of these hubs is established by the ERGaR coorperation, in which Energinet participates.


Legal provisions and online self-service for account holders

The Executive Order on guarantees of origin for electricity, gas, district heating and cooling from renewable energy sources as of 30 June 2021 and regulates Guarantees of Origin for from renewable energy sources describes the rules that apply to biomethane GOs in Denmark.

Account holders administer their personal account through a self-service portal at G-Rex.